Champions are built, not born.
“Across the board, I'm more explosive in my movements since using Halo Sport.”
Demario Davis
Middle Linebacker | Cleveland Browns
“I use Halo Sport because I know how important reprogramming my brain and body is for learning new skills.”
Marcus Smith
Defensive End | Philadelphia Eagles
“I can focus on what my opponent is doing and react using my developed skills. Halo Sport is helping me become a better player.”
Gabe Ikard
Center | Cleveland Browns
“I spend countless hours coaching elite athletes on how to incorporate the brain into their training program, and let me make it clear: Halo Sport is a must.”
Mike Barwis
CEO and Founder | Barwis Methods
“I believe that if you put in the work, you will see results, and Halo is the product I feel exemplifies this mentality and approach.”
T.J. Carrie
Defensive Back, Punt Returner | Oakland Raiders
“What I learn during one Neuropriming session carries over better into the next practice. The skills I learn stick with me.”
Trevor Bates
Outside Linebacker | New England Patriots
“In a nutshell, the Halo Sport system allows me to train more productively and efficiently than I ever have in my lifetime.”
Samantha Achterberg
Olympic Modern Pentathlete | U.S.A.
“My goal with Halo is to improve technical positioning during hurdles and my technique has improved a great deal since I started using the device.”
Mikel Thomas
Olympic Hurdler | Trinidad & Tobago
“I've been an athlete long enough to know when I have more strength and power, and I can definitely say that Halo Sport has helped me improve.”
Hafsatu Kamara
Olympic Sprinter | Sierra Leone
“Now that I've used Halo Sport with my athletes, I'm amazed that the brain has such a huge impact on performance.”
Darryl Woodson
Coach, Olympic Track & Field | U.S.A.
“Halo Sport makes my training more productive and helps me refine the precise motor skills I need to break the 10 second barrier.”
Mike Rogers
Olympic Sprinter | U.S.A.
“Halo Sport goes with me anywhere, I can always get in a productive workout.”
Odessa Jenkins
Running Back, Coach | Dallas Football Elite
“Halo Sport accelerated my training, helping me earn a podium finish at Ironman Arizona – amazing considering my recent knee injury.”
TJ Tollakson
Founder | Dimond Bikes
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