Halo Neuroscience Launches Halo Sport 2 at CES

Halo Sport 2

Press Release, San Francisco, CA, January 8, 2019 – San Francisco-based human performance company Halo Neuroscience changed lives across the globe when it debuted Halo Sport, the first brain stimulator that accelerates muscle memory development. Today, the company announced the launch of Halo Sport 2, a fully upgraded Halo Sport at a price that makes neurostimulation more accessible to all.

“In the new Halo Sport, Bluetooth audio is now integrated for an entirely wireless experience, and audio quality is in line with high-end headphones. We also revamped the Primer form factor to make Neuropriming as easy as possible, and the Halo Sport app to feature tracking, reminders, and new content,” said Halo Neuroscience CEO and co-founder, Dr. Daniel Chao. “From the beginning, we’ve been committed to making Neuropriming accessible to everyone, so Halo Sport 2 will retail for $399 — the same price as a pair of Beats Pro.”

After celebrating 250,000 Halo Sport training sessions worldwide and landing partnerships with Equinox and TRX in 2018, Halo Neuroscience has proven that the appetite for neurostimulation extends far beyond the elite athletes that initially adopted the technology. The goal of Halo Sport 2 is to provide the same benefit to all athletes, musicians, and gamers as it has for elite athletes: the ability to do more in less practice time and reach higher levels of performance.

Halo Sport 2 in action

Halo Sport is backed by more than 15 years of research and 4,000 peer-reviewed papers. The company is also kicking off new studies with top organizations to further unpack how brain stimulation improves athletic performance and accelerates skill development in music and esports.

Halo Neuroscience originally released Halo Sport at CES 2017, which earned them a Fast Company Award for "Most Innovative Companies" in Fitness. Now, they are unveiling the newest version of Halo Sport at CES 2019.

Ready to upgrade your brain, your training, and your life? Pre-order Halo Sport 2 today to save $50.

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