How to Learn Guitar (According to Neuroscience)

Follow along as I learn guitar in just 8 weeks with Halo Sport 2, the brain stimulator for musicians. 

Guitar has always terrified me. I’ve been singing since I was five years old, but using my hands to make music? That’s completely different.

This summer, I was looking for a challenge, so I partnered with Halo Neuroscience to face my fears and finally learn guitar. I’ll be using their headset, called Halo Sport, to accomplish my guitar goals. Halo Sport improves muscle memory through neurostimulation — which basically means I turn into a superhuman who can learn movement faster.

Like the name suggests, Halo Sport was originally built for athletes. That is, until this concert pianist discovered it — and learned a Bach prelude in only 1 hour. That’s what got me thinking... could Halo Sport help people trying to learn an instrument for the first time, too?

I’ll be putting this question to the test and using Halo Sport to learn guitar for the first time — in just 8 weeks. 

I love the idea of bringing my guitar to a friend’s house and impressing everyone with my newfound skills. So, that’s my goal. I’ll be testing myself to see if I can learn two songs this summer: “Drive” by Oh Wonder and “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Oh — and I’ll be performing them in just 8 weeks, so the pressure is on.

Here’s to starting my journey, let’s get to work!

Follow along as I start my adventure, and challenge yourself to learn a new instrument too. You never know what you could accomplish in just 8 weeks. Get Halo Sport and start unlocking your inner musician today!

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