Three Best Places to Neuroprime in San Francisco

Three Best Places to Neuroprime in San Francisco

A guide to optimizing your life in the city.  

From morning spin class to after-work drinks, the typical San Francisco resident is a busy one. So, how can you optimize your bustling lifestyle when there are only 24 hours in a day? One word: Neuropriming. Neuropriming with Halo Sport allows your brain to learn faster, so you can get more out of your limited time. That means a more productive workout at the gym or a better music practice session.

As a young professional in San Francisco, I decided to take Neuropriming to the streets and find the best spots to train my brain. Here are my top three destinations: 


Commuting is a major part of city life. The average Bay Area commuter spends about 30 minutes a day getting in or around the city. If you’re a morning person, Neuropriming on BART is the perfect way to start your day. Prime for 20, train for 60, and head to work feeling more refreshed and accomplished than ever.



A San Francisco classic, Philz Coffee was founded in the Mission in 1978. Grab a cup of coffee (the mint mojito is a personal favorite) and start Priming. Once you've finished your Neuropriming session (and your coffee), grab your guitar and head to the park for a quick practice session. Neuropriming puts your brain in a state of hyperlearning, so you can master that riff you've been trying to learn in no time.




Change your mindset, change your life. With the park as your background, practice yoga or pilates after Priming. With both your mind and body in an optimal state, you can master even the most difficult yoga flow.



Now it’s your turn — try my favorite spots, or find your own Priming sanctuary. Let us know where you end up on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag us @HaloNeuroscience for a chance to be featured on our page.


Wherever you choose to go, and no matter what movement goal you’re trying to reach, Halo Sport will help you get there faster. Optimize your life and start Neuropriming today.