What I Accomplished in Just 8 Weeks with Halo Sport

An overview of the goals I achieved with Halo Sport 2.

Welcome back! My name is Alyse, and I'm conquering my fears by learning guitar — in just 8 weeks. If you want to witness my journey from start to finish, read my first three blogs here.

Click, click. Whoosh. There was nowhere to go but forward. My stomach filled with butterflies as I braced for what was about to come.

You know that feeling you get on a roller coaster? The one where the bar clicks down on your lap and you realize there's no escaping. You’re filled with fear as the clicking sound of chains pushes you up the mountain... then suddenly you’re flying.

That’s the feeling I’ve had with Halo Sport this summer. Trying new things is terrifying. What if I fail? What if I tell everyone I'm going to do it... and then I can’t? Disappointment has always been my greatest fear. But you know what? I finally faced my fears. Not only did I learn guitar, but I also tried aerial yoga, cycled my way to the front of spin class, and most recently broke my record at Flywheel by achieving 7th place.

Throughout my journey, I tried to track my progress scientifically. I learned some chords with real Halo Sport 2 stimulation, and some chords with placebo stimulation. Unfortunately, we chose the wrong measure to assess my performance, so the data came out really wonky. I'm bummed we couldn't quantify my learning, but I know that I've accomplished way more than I thought I could in just a few weeks.

My original goal was to learn two guitar pieces by the end of the summer, but I decided to raise the stakes and do a duet instead. Singing and playing the guitar at the same time is a tough task. So, adding another person into the mix? That was a major test of my newfound guitar skills and my multitasking abilities.

But I did it! I successfully performed “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac in front of 50 people. I was SO nervous when I got up to the stage — sweat drops were literally dripping from my hands onto my guitar. But once I pushed through my nerves, I started to play... and you know what? It actually went really well! I definitely made some mistakes, but I felt confident up there... I never imagined I could feel like this playing guitar in front of so many people!

I’m so glad that I decided to take on this challenge 8 weeks ago, and I'm looking forward to continuing my guitar journey with Halo Sport. Maybe one day I'll even be able to shred like Lindsey Buckingham.

I didn’t know how to play the guitar at all when I set out on this journey. Today, I just performed in front of 50 people. And I couldn’t have done it without Halo Sport 2 — the brain stimulator that’s given me the confidence to achieve my goals. What can you do in 8 weeks?