Halo Neuroscience is a neurotechnology company focused on human performance. Our first product, Halo Sport, utilizes neuropriming technology to accelerate the neurologic gains of strength and skill learning that result from athletic training.
Since coming out of stealth in February 2016, the reception has been strong. Halo Sport is now live with teams and athletes from the NBA, MLB, NFL, Olympics, and U.S. Military. The company has been covered in over 100 publications, including a feature in Sports Illustrated that details Halo's work with NFL prospects training for the Draft. In March 2016, Halo won the MIT Sloan Sports conference startup competition, and Halo Sport has over 27 filed patents.
Halo has raised $9M in series A funding from top-tier venture investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Lux Capital, SoftTech VC, and JAZZ Partners. Our founders are neurotechnology veterans — Dr. Daniel Chao, Halo co-founder and CEO, received his MD and MS in neuroscience from Stanford. Dr. Brett Wingeier, Halo co-founder and CTO, earned his biomedical engineering doctorate with studies at Tulane, Stanford, and Swinburne, and is also a U.S. Registered Patent Agent named on 25 U.S. patents.
Please send your resume for the following open positions in downtown San Francisco to

Digital Marketing Lead

We're looking for a data-driven, brand-centric Digital Marketing Lead to head our acquisition marketing efforts. This person will lead the charge on delivering high-impact performance and growth marketing campaigns to our potential customers.

The Digital Marketing Lead (DML) will be responsible for defining and leading our acquisition marketing strategy to deliver innovative and hyper-data-driven marketing. The DML should have extensive knowledge of social advertising, SEM, landing page optimization and other performance advertising tactics, as well as a working knowledge of SEO, and should constantly have a finger on the pulse of new high potential performance marketing techniques. Furthermore, the DML will be responsible for ongoing analysis of each channel and campaign and ongoing data-driven decision making to ensure our campaigns and channels are fully optimized. The ideal candidate is an analytical powerhouse with a creative edge.

Qualified candidates must demonstrate a track record of exceptional analytical ability, teamwork, and creative and strategic thinking skills. They need to be capable of personally handling complex performance analyses and synthesizing and communicating them accordingly - while also taking responsibility for overall planning, development, execution, and analysis on the most amazing acquisition marketing experiences a brand can provide.


  • Lead our acquisition marketing initiatives in a customer-centric, brand-first, but data-driven process
  • Take our social media advertising, search engine marketing, and retargeting efforts to new heights
  • Expand our marketing channels in an experimental, creative and data-driven way
  • Work with the marketing team to build new ad campaign assets on a weekly basis for distribution through all of our channels
  • Communicate with the marketing team on asset asks for each platform; efficiently implement and optimize the assets
  • Work with the team to build out amazing experiences for acquisition-driven customers on the Halo website
  • Define and implement an acquisition marketing growth roadmap to optimize our campaigns and conversion funnels
  • Set growth and performance benchmarks, and establish a framework for key metrics

Who You Are

  • A data-driven innovator who has delivered amazing experiences to relevant audiences
  • A strategic thinker who understands not only how to analyze data, but also how to make decisions for the greater good of our customer base
  • Highly analytical with a creative edge
  • A flexible team player
  • An experimenter – you let intuition guide you to your test set, then you intelligently test to discover the best pathways to success – we are scientists of fun and this is our laboratory
  • An entrepreneur at heart – you want to do things that haven’t been done before not just because they are different, but because you see a better way
  • Hard-working, honest, humble


  • A BA or BS in an analytical major – and a demonstrated ability to be successful in academic endeavors
  • 2-4+ years of experience in a data-driven acquisition marketing role, or an analyst role that worked with large data sets in making intelligent decisions
  • Experience at a well-established consumer-facing company
  • Successful development of, and execution on, innovative acquisition marketing ideas with the data to back up your strategy