Professional and Olympic athletes improve performance above a control group after training with Halo Sport
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San Francisco Giants
Giants players who trained with Halo Sport saw greater gains in flexibility, speed, and skill compared to the sham (an amount of stimulation that feels like real stimulation but is actually subtherapeutic) control group during a 2-week study.
“Our goal with Halo was to improve our team's speed and explosiveness. Overall, all players at camp showed general improvements in the testing parameters, but there was an additional increase in testing results in the players who used Halo Sport as compared to the players in the control group — especially in the 20-yard dash.

The results we got in the Halo Intervention group as compared to the control group were significant enough to really open our eyes and say there's certainly something to this Halo. We believe that it works and the players believe that it works.”

Geoff Head
Sports Science Specialist, San Francisco Giants

Barwis Methods
Since the introduction of Halo Sport, Barwis Methods has been able to improve athletes' power output by an additional 10%.
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“At Barwis Methods, we're probably most known for training the top athletes in the world, but we're most about impacting lives. Halo allows us to achieve that goal.”

Mike Barwis
Founder & CEO, Barwis Methods
Senior Advisor of Strength & Conditioning, New York Mets

CrossFit Invictus
CrossFit athletes train with Halo Sport before the 2016 CrossFit Games to lift 5% more weight across lower-body focused sets.
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“We pride ourselves on utilizing the best training methodologies to help our athletes achieve their highest potential in training and competition. Halo Sport is a natural extension of that.

Our athletes have seen incredible results. Over the course of four weeks, virtually every athlete hit a personal record in something. They didn’t improve in just one thing, it carried over into everything we were doing.”

CJ Martin
Founder & Coach at CrossFit Invictus

United States Ski & Snowboard Association
Olympic ski jumpers couple Halo Sport with ski jump training to increase propulsive force by 13% and jump smoothness by 11% over a control that received sham neurostimulation in 4 weeks.
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Halo helps Olympic ski jumpers produce more power and precision

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13% gain in propulsion force and 11% gain in jump smoothness over control in 4 weeks

Michael Johnson Performance
Phase I
Collegiate athletes pair Halo Sport with training to improve lower body strength by 12%.
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Halo helps college athletes get better, faster

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12% gain in lower body strength in 2 weeks

Michael Johnson Performance
Phase II
Collegiate athletes pair Halo Sport with training to get drafted by top NFL teams.
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Halo prepares top NFL draftees for the Combine

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MJP athletes using Halo excel at the NFL Combine and win big at the Draft