Professional and Olympic athletes improve performance above a control group after training with Halo Sport
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CrossFit Invictus
CrossFit athletes train with Halo Sport before the 2016 CrossFit Games to lift 5% more weight across lower-body focused sets.

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“We pride ourselves on utilizing the best training methodologies to help our athletes achieve their highest potential in training and competition. Halo Sport is a natural extension of that.

Our athletes have seen incredible results. Over the course of four weeks, virtually every athlete hit a personal record in something. They didn’t improve in just one thing, it carried over into everything we were doing.”

CJ Martin
Founder & Coach at CrossFit Invictus

United States Ski & Snowboard Association
Olympic ski jumpers couple Halo Sport with ski jump training to increase propulsive force by 13% and jump smoothness by 11% over a control that received sham neurostimulation in 4 weeks.

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Halo helps Olympic ski jumpers produce more power and precision

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13% gain in propulsion force and 11% gain in jump smoothness over control in 4 weeks

Michael Johnson Performance
Phase I
Collegiate athletes pair Halo Sport with training to improve lower body strength by 12%.

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Halo helps college athletes get better, faster

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12% gain in lower body strength in 2 weeks

Michael Johnson Performance
Phase II
Collegiate athletes pair Halo Sport with training to get drafted by top NFL teams.

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Halo prepares top NFL draftees for the Combine

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MJP athletes using Halo excel at the NFL Combine and win big at the Draft