Halo Sport optimizes neurological performance for Barwis Methods
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Utilizing the company's proprietary training methodology, Neurological Reengineering™, Barwis Methods is renowned for helping athletes achieve peak performance, recover faster from injury, and regain motor function after suffering from neuromuscular disorders.

Barwis Methods implements Halo Sport to max out gains in strength and power

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Barwis Methods athletes training with Halo Sport in the offseason see an average 10% additional improvement above standard.

The Challenge

1,000s of reps takes too much time.

Elite-level athletes chase tiny, minute improvements — often in short windows of time. Mike Barwis designed his training to maximize efficiency, seizing every opportunity to reduce the number of reps and time needed to create step function changes in athleticism.

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“Any time the brain has a higher level of plasticity, not only will we retain the information quicker with less repetitions, but we’re also going to engage more fibers per unit of contractions, which results in greater force production and power output.”

Mike Barwis
Founder and CEO, Barwis Methods
Senior Advisor of Strength & Conditioning, New York Mets

The Partnership

Neuroscience makes training even more efficient.

As a result of training during with the brain in a temporary state of hyperplasticity, each rep is more valuable. As a result, athletes experience significantly more and faster improvement in power output and force propulsion.

The Results

“We have short windows and tiny, minute changes we have to make — it may take one thousand repetitions, which might take six weeks. If I can knock that down to two hundred repetitions and two weeks, that's a massive game changer. Halo makes that possible.”

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“From professional football players, to hockey players, to NBA players — you name it, we train it. And right now, Halo is involved in "all" of it.”

Mike Barwis
Founder and CEO, Barwis Methods
Senior Advisor of Strength & Conditioning, New York Mets