Halo Sport accelerates gains in explosiveness at Michael Johnson Performance.
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Michael Johnson Performance is one of the world's elite training centers.
Founded by four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson, clients of MJP include Manchester United, The Dallas Stars and The Dallas Cowboys.

Halo helps college athletes get better, faster

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12% gain in lower body strength in 2 weeks

The Partnership: Phase 1

Halo Sport takes MJP training to the next level.

By pairing Neuropriming™ with MJP strength training regimens, Halo Sport accelerated gains in lower body explosiveness for 10 collegiate athletes.

The Results
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12% gain in two weeks

The ten athletes who trained with Halo Sport saw an average 12% gain in explosiveness over baseline across all lower-body focused sets. Compare this to the control group, which saw average gains of 3%.

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“Halo's doing something that we've never seen before, the sports market's never seen before, and it speaks to exactly what we're trying to do.”

Michael Johnson
Founder and CEO - Michael Johnson Performance
4x Olympic Gold Medalist

Halo prepares top NFL draftees for the Combine

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MJP athletes using Halo excel at the NFL Combine and win big at the Draft

The Partnership: Phase 2

NFL Combine + Halo

For Phase II, MJP expanded its partnership with Halo to prepare 23 college football athletes for the NFL Combine.

The Results

Top NFL teams pick up MJP athletes who trained with Halo.

Athletes who used Halo Sport while training for the NFL Combine signed with teams such as the Patriots, Broncos, Bears, Cardinals, Ravens and Texans right after the draft.

Read the full story in Sports Illustrated.

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“We know the brain is an untapped resource. Halo Sport is going to rewrite the way we think about training the body — by focusing on what we can do above the neck.”

Lance Walker, MS, PT
MJP Global Director of Performance