Halo Sport improves jump force and technique of Olympic ski jumpers
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The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) is the national governing body of Olympic skiing and snowboarding.
USSA is the parent organization of the US Ski Team and US Snowboarding Team. USSA annually trains over 30,000 athletes, including Olympic champions Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn.

Nordic Combined athletes train with Halo Sport to improve endurance and power for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

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Bryan and Taylor Fletcher draw on brain-driven gains to master winter's most challenging event

The Challenge

Ski jump training requires maximizing the value of each run.

Because of time limitations (i.e. chair rides, setup time, unpredictable weather) and high risk of injury (i.e. speeds exceeding 100m per second), ski jump training is designed to get the most out of the fewest number of sessions.

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“With Halo Sport, we want to maximize the value of each session that we do on snow and reduce athletes' exposure to injury by accelerating the time to acquire skills in what can often be risky environments.”

Luke Bodensteiner
Executive Vice President of Athletics

The Partnership

Halo Sport optimizes Olympic ski jump training.

In order to improve training efficiency and accelerate skill acquisition, Neuropriming™ was paired with a training program focused on improving the power and smoothness of athletes' jumps.

As ski jumpers learn to maximize efficient energy transfer, their propulsive force increases and entropy decreases during the jumping motion.

The Results
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Propulsion Jump Smoothness

13% additional gains in propulsion force and 11% additional gains in jump smoothness in seven athletes after 4 weeks

The athletes who trained with Halo Sport saw an additional 13% improvement of propulsion force compared to baseline.

Halo athletes also gained an additional 11% of jump smoothness over baseline.

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“It's not just a question of muscles and bones. Halo Sport's focus on the brain is potentially paradigm-shifting.”

Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen
Sports Science Advisor
U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association