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tDCS Research

Read the latest scientific literature on Halo Sport and tDCS.

Fine Motor Skill - Music

Halo Sport accelerates fine motor skill learning by up to 60% over controls

Halo Neuroscience, White Paper, 2016.


Halo Sport improves jumping ability compared to control condition

Halo Neuroscience, White Paper, 2016.

General - Safety

Data from +1,000 individuals shows Halo Sport is safe

Halo Neuroscience, White Paper, 2016.


tDCS increases surgical skill of medical students by up to 30%

Ciechanski et al. 2017


tDCS devices like Halo Sport are increasingly used in sports training

Edwards et al. 2017


tDCS increases rate of fine motor skill acquisition in both trained (+35%) and untrained hand

Waters et al. 2017

General - Review

Review: effects of transcranial electrical stimulation on physical and cognitive performance

Yavari et al. 2017


tDCS combined with visualization improves posture by 5%

Saruco et al. 2017

General - Review

tDCS before and during training improves performance across a variety of exercises

Angius et al. 2017


tDCS helps motor learning in older adults by 50%-100%

Fujiyama et al. 2017

General - Review

Review: impact of tDCS on neuron function

Das et al. 2016

General - Review

tDCS can enhance movement learning in healthy individuals and injured individuals

Ammann et al. 2016


tDCS increases leg muscle endurance by 10%

Angius et al. 2016


tDCS improves balance by 40-60%

Kaminski et al. 2016


Support cells in the brain help boost plasticity following neurostimulation

Monai et al. 2016


tDCS boosts plasticity and memory by +15% via changes in protein expression

Podda et al. 2016


tDCS increases synchronization of neurons directly controlling muscle activation

Dutta et al. 2015

Rehab - Review

tDCS facilitates motor learning after stroke

Kang et al. 2016

General - Review

Review: principles, applications and mechanisms of action of tDCS

Nitsche et al. 2015


tDCS increases hand dexterity by 10%

Pavlova et al. 2014


tDCS increases muscle activation by 10-15%

Krishnan et al. 2014

Fine Motor Skills

tDCS enhances fine motor skill by 20-40%

Prichard et al. 2014

Fine Motor Skills - General

tDCS enhances dexterity in older adults by up to 16%

Hummel et al. 2010


tDCS improves motor function by 20% in stroke patients

Lindenberg et al. 2010


tDCS induces a 20% increase in force production

Tanaka et al. 2009


Motor skill acquisition powered by tDCS lasts for months after training

Reis et al. 2009


tDCS increases endurance of the bicep muscle by up to 20%

Cogiamanian et al. 2007


tDCS in elite cyclists increases peak power output by 4%

Okano et al. 2013


tDCS increases shoulder rotation strength by 10-20%

Hazime et al. 2017


Brain stimulation increases synaptic strength (18%) and neurotrophin expression (300%)

Fritsch et al. 2010