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Our mission is to improve lives by enabling anyone to unlock their brain’s full potential.


Halo Sport is our first product and is designed for athletes. It uses proprietary technology called Neuropriming to improve the brain’s response to training and drive accelerated performance gains.


CES 2018: What the future of gym tech might look like

Halo CEO Dr. Daniel Chao weighs in on the future of fitness technology.

Men's Health | January 11, 2018

How this fitness wearable primes athletes' brains for 'hyperlearning'

Forbes draws a distinction between data-collecting fitness wearables and Halo Sport, which directly boosts performance by stimulating the brain.

Forbes | January 9, 2018

Zapping your brain can alter your physical limits

Alex Hutchinson reviews new science supporting transcranial direct current stimulation, the underlying technology in Halo Sport.

Outside Magazine | December 20, 2017

BARWIS, KidKesty bring neurostimulation, elite training to esports

At the 2017 Rocket League World Championship, Halo partner and well-known training organization Barwis Methods helped competitors maximize potential with Halo Sport.

SportTechie | November 22, 2017

Zapping your brain with mild electrical currents might actually improve your athletic performance

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but new research shows that brain stimulation is an effective way to boost endurance.

Men's Fitness | October 16, 2017

Brandon Graham: The sci-fi making of the world's strongest Eagle

Thanks to his high-tech offseason training methods, including using Halo Sport before workouts, Brandon Graham has become a beast in the Eagles' weight room.

ESPN | September 6, 2017

Mind over matter: Engaging your biggest muscle (your brain) in workouts

When players for the San Francisco Giants step up to the plate, their powerful swings come not just from brawn, but from a little more brainpower than you might imagine.

Forbes | September 1, 2017

Would you use a brain stimulating headset to reduce fatigue?

Though elite athletes such as Olympic sprinter Mike Rogers are Halo Sport's most famous users, anyone can use the device and see benefits. When paired with training, Halo Sport can increase endurance and decrease fatigue by making you a more efficient athlete.

Women's Running | July 27, 2017

This headset could help both skiers and stroke victims get off the charts results

Halo CEO Daniel Chao discusses the future of Halo Sport at Fortune Brainstorm TECH–he aspires to train not just athletes, but also musicians, pilots, surgeons, stroke victims and more.

Fortune | July 18, 2017

Why Boulder professional triathlete Tim O'Donnell trains with Halo Sport headphones

Top tier triathlete Tim O'Donnell discusses his training for the 2017 Ironman World Championship—he throws on Halo Sport before intense workouts to increase wattage and speed.

Denver7 News | July 13, 2017

America's top cyclist entering the Tour de France has been using a portable brain stimulator to try to gain an edge, and he says it actually works

The highest-ranked American cyclist heading into this year's Tour de France, Andrew Talansky, is using portable neuroscience technology to try to gain an edge over his world-class rivals, and he says his performance has improved since he began using it regularly in December.

Business Insider | June 26, 2017

Why the San Francisco Giants are using these weird headphones

The San Francisco Giants may be wearing headphones while they train, but they're not listening to music. They are getting their brains "stimulated" to improve their batting, pitching, and catching.

Fortune | March 29, 2017

San Francisco Giants partner with Halo Neuroscience to improve speed, explosiveness

When Halo Neuroscience designed the Halo Sport headset, it was evident that its use extended into various sports. The device is designed to stimulate a special part of the brain called the motor cortex and help any type of athlete get the most out of their brain — and their workout.

SportTechie | March 29, 2017

How neuroscience might help the San Francisco Giants win the World Series

The three-time champs inked a partnership with Halo Neuroscience, whose headsets have demonstrated a 1% to 2% performance improvement.

Fast Company | March 29, 2017

The Halo Sport headphones supercharge your brain to make you better at sports

Halo Neuroscience recently released its brain-training Halo Sport headphones to the consumer market — meaning for just $749, anyone can zap their neurons to improve their athleticism.

Digital Trends | March 20, 2017

SXSW Sports 2017: How Olympian Natasha Hastings trains with Halo Neuroscience

Daniel Chao believes Halo Neuroscience can accelerate human performance through neurostimulation and help athletes like Olympian sprinter Natasha Hastings achieve a competitive advantage from the neck up.

SportTechie | March 17, 2017

Can electric brain stimulation boost your endurance?

A new review assesses evidence that “transcranial direct-current stimulation” can alter physical limits.

Runner's World | March 16, 2017

Investing in player performance supports a team’s bottom line

High-performing professional sports teams make more money for the franchise. As the head of physical performance and sports medicine for the Golden State Warriors during last year’s record-breaking season, I found some of the numbers to be staggering.

Sports Business Journal | February 27, 2017

The most innovative companies of 2017 by Sector

Halo Neuroscience named most innovative company in 2017 in the Fitness Sector.

Fast Company | February 13, 2017

Halo Neuroscience – a wearable that improves sport performance

Halo neuroscience has released a new wearable, which helps to improve sports performance. This new device coordinates the athlete’s brain and other body parts, making them to focus on sports and forget other things that may prevent them from performing.

Wearable Tech Digest | February 7, 2017

The best wearable fitness tech we saw at CES 2017

See the new gear that will help you run faster, get leaner, sleep better, and live longer.

Men's Health | January 10, 2017

15 cool new products from CES 2017

A look at gadgets that aim to improve your running and overall health.

Runner's World | January 9, 2017

The 3 passages from concept to 7-figure business

There are three stages entrepreneurs must navigate to turn a concept into 7-figures: the groundwork, the breakthrough, and the impact. I sat down with co-founder and CEO of Halo Neuroscience, Dr. Daniel Chao to discuss how entrepreneurs can succeed in these three stages

Entrepreneur | November 16, 2016

How a top trainer is using Halo Sport to take elite athletes to the next level

Mike Barwis, consultant and founder of Barwis Methods, sounds off on why he's incorporating the new tech from Halo Neuroscience into his training methodology—and how you can, too.

Men's Fitness | October 28, 2016

This start-up wants to supercharge your brain (with real electricity) to boost your workouts

With its new headgear, which harnesses the power of “transcranial direct current stimulation,” Halo Neuroscience wants to unlock the most powerful muscle you have: your mind.

Men's Fitness | October 28, 2016

For the Golden State Warriors, brain zapping could provide an edge

Back in March, James Michael McAdoo, the power forward for the Golden State Warriors, tweeted out a photo of himself in the training room, sporting a pair of slick over-the-ear headphones.

The New Yorker | June 15, 2016

The Warriors are obsessed with new performance gadgets, and they test the cutting-edge tech on their minor league team

The Golden State Warriors have had a deep connection to the tech world since Silicon Valley venture capitalist Joe Lacob became a co-owner in 2010. And part of that connection is an obsession with testing out the latest performance-enhancing tech gadgets, according to a report by CNET.

Business Insider | June 3, 2016

La diadema que permite a tu cerebro mejorar su rendimiento

La clave no está sólo en la elasticidad muscular o la perfección técnica de la zancada. El secreto está en cómo el cerebro aprende e interpreta cada movimiento para después reproducirlo sin fallos y mejorarlo hasta la perfección.

El Pais | September 26, 2016

How headphones can make you a better athlete

These neuron-stimulating Halo Sport headphones are said to boost athletic performance

Outside Magazine | September 19, 2016

Olympic athletes are electrifying their brains, and you can too

Olympians and other elite athletes are always in search of an edge to sharpen their game. That’s true of IEEE Spectrum Editor Eliza Strickland as well. When Strickland, whose beat is biomedical technologies, decided to cover a hot new brain-stimulation gadget that allegedly boosts athletic performance, she couldn’t resist trying it out herself.

IEEE | August 23, 2016

Halo Sport: helping athletes go for gold

Dan Chao, co-founder and chief executive officer of Halo Neuroscience, discusses what Halo Sport is, how it works to help athletes performance and the potential future uses of the product. He speaks to Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg West."

Bloomberg | August 12, 2016

Will Rio athletes trade their Halo for medals?

In these latest Games, we see sports psychology usurped by neuroscience that is designed to maximize the power of the mind. One company working hard in this space is Halo Neuroscience.

readwrite | August 10, 2016

Why some Olympians are wearing brain-zapping headphones

These babies give mental strength a whole new meaning

Shape Magazine | August 8, 2016

Halo Sport headset aims to stimulate brain and body of Olympians

As much as brute physical force helps athletes gain better stamina and strength, involving the brain in the workout can ultimately yield better development and performance.

Sports Illustrated | August 1, 2016

Brain stimulator used by athletes among tech devices touted for troops

A wearable device designed to better stimulate brain function during athletic and, perhaps, military training could soon be adopted by American special operations troops, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Tuesday.

Stars & Stripes | July 26, 2016

How Olympic athletes are using high-tech gear to train their brains

This company says training your brain can boost athletic performance.

Fortune | July 26, 2016

Why elite athletes are zapping their brains with electricity

A startup called Halo Neuroscience has developed a headset that uses "neuropriming" to boost athletes' training.

Inc. | July 26, 2016

Brain science has figured out how to help athletes train 50% faster

By targeting specific areas of the brain, this headphone helps athletes pick up training regimens faster.

Inc. | June 20, 2016

Why Navy SEALs are zapping their brains with electricity

Startups, Navy SEAL's, and doctors are all excited about the potential of electrical brain stimulation.

Inc. | May 3, 2016

Brain-zapping headphones could make you a better athlete

In the past 15 years, scientists have shown that mild stimulation can make neurons more or less likely to fire, and they have produced some promising evidence that the technology could be used to do things like improve cognition, aid in stroke recovery, and make people better at learning motor skills.

MIT Technology Review | March 21, 2016

Daniel Chao wants to electrify your brain

Chao has three MLB teams using Halo Sport during spring training. Plus two dozen college players who attended this year’s NFL scouting combine. After that? The NBA, he hopes. And in this geek game, it’s just the first quarter.

OZY | March 21, 2016

Halo is building a wearable to make athletes better, stronger, faster

Halo Neuroscience wants to build a new category of wearable. Not for passively tracking human activity, as so many existing wearables do, but for actively and positively influencing physical abilities.

Techcrunch | May 9, 2016

Daniel Chao's Halo Neuroscience builds headset to train your brain

A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape: Daniel Chao, Co-Founder and CEO, Halo Neuroscience.

Forbes | April 29, 2016

Can electrical brain stimulation boost athletic performance?

Most people don't think the brain has to do with strength and performance, but one company claims their headset can increase athletic ability by delivering electrical pulses of energy to the brain.

Sports Illustrated | April 27, 2016

Can Halo Sport change our brain efficiency?

In the era of the quantified self we are able to use a range of trackers and monitors within the Internet of Things (IoT) to assess and monitor our health throughout each day and night.

ReadWrite | April 27, 2016

8 genius shortcuts to supercharging your workout

Any athlete will tell you that practice makes perfect. Thankfully, this year, the best new devices have launched with the goal of turning your body into a well-oiled machine in a fraction of the time.

Vogue | April 22, 2016

A new device stimulates the brain to boost athletic performance

Halo Sport has big potential on the playing field—and in the exam room.

Fast Company | April 18, 2016

Can headphones that shock your brain help you run faster and jump higher?

They're called Halo Sport, and they send electrical charges into the brain that their inventors say can boost athletic performance.

The Smithsonian | April 5, 2016

Halo claims to make you jump higher think faster, remember longer

On the table in front of me in a New York hotel lobby lies a gadget from Halo Neuroscience that looks like a cross between high-end headphones and a crown of thorns.

Newsweek | February 26, 2016

New Halo performance enhancing device trains athletes' brains

Instead of music, it delivers tiny electrical pulses that stimulate the brain’s motor cortex, which governs muscle movement.

San Francisco Chronicle | February 25, 2016

Halo: meet the tech that uses brain stimulation to make you stronger

The Halo sends electrical pulses to your brain to make you jump higher, move faster, and perform better.

Futurism | February 10, 2016


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