From pianists to pro athletes, Halo Sport is taking physical performance to the next level.

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Zdzislaw Marcisz
Masters Track and Field
“I recently competed in one of the top masters track and field meets in the country. I took home 3 golds, 1 silver, and a bronze; plus, I set two new PRs in the shot put and hurdles. Thanks Halo Sport!”
Scott brown 2f6366207b28fb5692ba0e5c58fc4a23e4212ee8fa3b8a455a28cb6ee7286b19
Scott Brown
Triathlete and Trainer
“The results are there — after training with Halo Sport, I recorded my best time ever in the hundred yard dash. I'm getting faster; there's no doubt about it.”
Matthew Dolan
Speed and Agility Coach,
Master's Track and Field
“Within three Halo Sport sessions, I put 40 pounds on my deadlift. Halo Sport is the ultimate training tool; it's a game-changer.”
Daniel Camilo
Runner and Yogi
“Halo Sport has helped me leaps and bounds in every sport that I do. It's ahead of the curve, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”
Julie 2b4efdee23c594eb54ccabc1e7e816a0d9252123909e38f0075b6d5b6b04c56e
Julie Min
Classically Trained Piano Teacher
“Halo Sport allows me to maximize my time at the piano, to learn more completely the pieces that I love, and to tune into my body at the highest level.”
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Stephen Hughes
Rhythm Guitarist
“With Halo Sport, it takes me a couple weeks to master a song. Before Halo, the same training would have taken me months. Using Halo just gives me goosebumps; it absolutely works.”
Brody 4b3d45bd8cc0f6ed72d3eacfb49873e5bdfaba8c0acb52a7ed3f999163c3fc03
Brody Smith, Ph.D.
Professional Pianist
“Halo Sport is redefining my capacity for improvement and work. I had music inside of me that needed a key to be unlocked, and Halo Sport is that key.”
Mario 8575410f2efdf091ed25c7ef4d4b7c2532a008c300db7d5fa43081d9a942c319
Mario Marzo
“Halo Sport works. Otherwise I wouldn't use the product. What I could normally learn in a week took me three days. This is the future of music.”
Camille 41d02a1deba1bd5ddfa66b5db5dcfc980d29bdc3ebc811bc1b874a73622d5465
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
2014 CrossFit Games World Champion,
7X CrossFit Games
“Halo Sport makes me fitter, faster. I use Halo to train hard, train smart, and refine my skills because perfect practice makes perfect.”
Tj 79efe611d1eca262cbf572e2be5d90fb40ce3eb83a2fd251e865037706482308
T.J. Carrie
Defensive Back and Punt Returner,
Oakland Raiders
“As a result of training while also using Halo Sport, my standing vertical has increased 6-8 inches. In addition I've added over 80 pounds to my squat max.”
Emily Hu
Professional Powerlifter,
Triple World Record Holder
“My goal was to get to 300 pounds. Now, I'm at 315. I'm living proof that anyone can do this, and having access to tools that allow you to visualize your potential can make all the difference. That's why I don’t miss a practice without Halo Sport.”
Mikel f328965a9ceda6e1885c8d25bec55706b8078b76e67bb606caf3eba0694ff071
Mikel Thomas
Trinidad and Tobago, Hurdles 110m
“My goal with Halo is to improve technical positioning during hurdles and my technique has improved a great deal since I started using the device.”
Hafsatu 9b057f8864cc156e175a59f57493ae921ecb8c58be9156bf7a47b1706d2b1156
Hafsatu Kamara
Sierra Leone, Sprint 100m & 200m
“I've been an athlete long enough to know when I have more strength and power, and I can definitely say that Halo Sport has helped me improve.”
Mike fdaba6036c9b9df9eb4439379d83e36e10a6a267a763f95ea33eee0c207eadd2
Mike Rodgers
USA, 100m Sprint
“Halo Sport makes my training more productive and helps me refine the precise motor skills I need to break the 10 second barrier.”
Tim ccd4cb08bfe736cb5c70ba8ef55aff781cc09d96f5afd62a632610e8b39358f1
Timothy O'Donnell
Professional Triathlete
“I have used Halo for all my key sessions and I'm running the best splits I've seen in years.”
Coach Darryl Woodson
USA, Track & Field National Coach
“Now that I've used Halo Sport with my athletes, I'm amazed that the brain has such a huge impact on performance.”
Barwis a3f72a36f0d7fd5d97db0ed8034860768ce0532af93133887e10b3d34843d756
Mike Barwis
Founder and CEO, Barwis Methods
Senior Advisor of Strength & Conditioning, New York Mets
“I spend countless hours coaching elite athletes on how to incorporate the brain into their training program, and let me make it clear: Halo Sport is a must.”
Rob gronbeck cf9840a41e18ee14aa0af74718569cc4d715955512a5c1e57f61095187522885
Rob Gronbeck
High Performance Sports Coach / Sports Psychologist
“After training with Halo Sport, I increased my vertical jump by 5 inches. My personal trainer said "that can’t be right," and he had to re-measure it. But his measurement was spot on!”
Rob boldt b98730f90cffccbbaadbfd9cd1595c6c5cb7b9979dfe321d529a2ac7150e282d
Rob Boldt
Golf Trainer, Former PGA Tour Player
“The edge I'm getting with Halo Sport is priceless. Neuropriming enables you to be the best "you" that you can be.”